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Stripe to Hubspot Integration

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Here at InstaPayments we use Hubspot for just about everything. We love Stripe but was a bit surprised to see that there was no integration that simply helped move data between the two. We dug a bit into the Hubspot's API docs to see what we could spin up.

Eventually, we found a way to easily show relevant Stripe data whenever looking at a contact. This saved our support team loads of time and allowed us to know who was and wasn’t customer without switching over to Stripe. Below is a screenshot of what we came up with.

After a few weeks of using the tool, I showed it to several customers and they thought it was pretty sweet. So our team decided to streamline the setup and give it away for free.

Think your team could use it? The first step to get it set up is to make a free InstaPayments account by going to this link: If you complete the three steps you should be all set up. Now if you go to any contact in HubSpot, we'll run their email address through Stripe and pull back any customers related to it.

We love Stripe and Hubspot and will continue to improve this to handle more and more use cases.

PS: We have a contact timeline integration in the works so you can see all Stripe events for that customer directly inside of Hubspot. If you need other integration upgrades just let us know!

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