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Two resources EVERY entrepreneur should be aware of.

Here at InstaPayments we get lots of brand new businesses looking to get their billing set up quickly. Most do not have lot’s of investment and don’t have a huge marketing budget to validate their idea or product. This blog post will point you to some resources I’ve found incredibly valuable when starting different products.


There are some people have dedicated their lives to knowing how to get people interested in a product. Very few of these people share their tips in an easy to understand way. Donald Miller is one of these people. He owns and runs a company called Story Brand. I’m not saying you need to attend his workshop (though it’s probably worth if you have the time/money), but reading his book and watching the videos he has on his website will help you clarify what you’re selling and attract customers.


Sales is an important part of every business. A lot of entrepreneurs who use InstaPayments offer services that require a heavy amount of one on one selling. Knowing how to overcome common objectives will help your business grow faster and more successfully. The team at have made this their mission. They offer a CRM product which may or may not be a great fit for your business, but their blog is definitely worth the read. You can quickly learn the basics of sales and they have lot’s of other handy posts about fundraising, marketing and all sorts of important topics.

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